Headache Relief

Tired of suffering from chronic headaches? Dr. Binh Nguyen and the team at Cedar Chiropractic & Sports of Hopkinton, MA, are committed to providing customized treatment to help you find lasting relief.

Headache Relief Through Chiropractic Care

As many as 90 percent of the American population suffers from headaches, either chronically or occasionally. And in most of those cases, people either suffer through them or take a pain pill and go on with their days. What if there was a different way? A solution that actually provides lasting relief? Below, Dr. Nguyen and the team at Cedar Chiropractic & Sports in Hopkinton, MA, explain how chiropractic care is the solution for many headache sufferers.

The Root of Headaches

Sometimes a headache is due to stress, eyestrain, eating certain types of foods, and similar everyday things. However, in many cases, they are due to an issue within the musculoskeletal system.

Tension headaches are one of the most common types of headache, which often occur from putting too much stress on the neck as you lean over a device. Sometimes, mental and emotional stress literally causes you to tense up the neck and shoulders. Other times, an injury such as a misalignment or herniated disc puts too much strain on the neck muscles or compresses a nerve. In all of these cases, chiropractic care can help through techniques such as those below.


Adjustments effectively restore the alignment of the neck and spine. This removes undue pressure from the discs, nerves, and muscles. Both manual adjustments and adjustments with a handheld instrument like the ProAdjuster are both very beneficial for issues in the neck and back.

Soft Tissue Techniques and Modalities

With so many headaches being caused by issues in the muscles and other soft tissues, chiropractors typically employ various soft tissue techniques. These include but are not limited to electrical muscle stimulation, cold laser therapy, and therapeutic massage.

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises can prove very effective in several ways. They help stretch tightened muscles, strengthen weakened ones, improve blood circulation, and improve posture.

Lifestyle Changes

Enjoying lasting relief from headaches requires making changes in life that have led to the headaches. For example, as posture is a common cause, chiropractors work with patients to build better posture habits. The specific changes recommended will depend on your specific needs and contributing factors.

Find relief from headaches in the hands of Dr. Nguyen at Cedar Chiropractic & Sports of Hopkinton, MA. Call (508) 435-8182 to schedule an appointment today.

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