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Have you been diagnosed with a sports injury? A diagnosed sports injury may not necessarily be related to athletics. Pianists can develop carpal tunnel, painters may experience an injury of the shoulder, and tennis elbow is a common ailment for factory workers. A diagnosed sports injury refers to an injury that active individuals may experience due to overuse or trauma and frequently affects the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic care can be an excellent and effective treatment for sports injuries. If you live near Hopkinton, MA, contact the award-winning practice Cedar Chiropractic & Sports for state-of-the-art care. Dr. Binh Nguyen is a certified chiropractic sports physician and is exam board qualified for the DACBSP Diplomate in Sports Medicine. 

How Are Sports Injuries Treated?

A sports injury may be acute (sudden onset) or chronic (gradually develops over time). Sports injuries may develop from improper technique, overtraining, repetitive stress, improper shoes or equipment, prior injuries, and certain medications. Dr. Nguyen provides a wide variety of treatments and modalities at Cedar Chiropractic & Sports in Hopkinton, MA.

Spinal adjustment is a non-surgical treatment that uses modern technology to monitor the patient’s spinal column, reduce neuromuscular dysfunction, and relieve back pain. Spinal decompression gently stretches the spine through motorized traction and is excellent for treating herniated discs. Graston Technique helps break up scar tissue, flush out toxins, stimulate blood flow, and restore mobility. Cold laser therapy uses low-intensity lasers to help reduce lower back pain, neck pain, sprains, and tendinitis. Active Release Technique is used on the soft tissues of the body through non-invasive techniques that relieve tissue tension. Shockwave Therapy also treats soft tissue injuries including tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis. Kinesio taping is a decompression modality used to reduce pain and swelling and improves sporting performance. If you are experiencing a sports injury in Hopkinton, MA, Dr. Nguyen is a qualified specialist that can help you resume your activities with full health.

Sports injuries are common among athletes and high-level performers of various mediums. Dr. Nguyen at Cedar Chiropractic & Sports has over 20 years of extensive clinical experience and uses the latest research-based science to treat sports injuries. Contact Cedar Chiropractic & Sports and make an appointment today. (508) 435-8182.

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